Akcja BUS

Mobile recruitment-administrative office was established in order to recruit workers from outlying areas of the agency and customer service with their headquarters and factories far from the agency. The project aims to reduce the gap between the potential employee and the agency, eliminating the costs of job seeking candidates who suffer from small towns and villages, as well as accelerating the recruitment process and increase the effectiveness of activities related to the selection of employees and their service.

Bus rekrutacyjny Akcji Job
Our mobile recruitment office is equipped with all necessary tools to conduct a professional recruitment process and support staff:

Autobus Akcji Bus - Wnętrze Busa • a comfortable conversation - comfortable seats, plenty of space, air conditioning and heater parts,
 • a full office suite - Internet in 4G technology allows you to add online to the database of candidates and
   issue any certificates,
 • coffee maker may also make interview pleasant

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