our values

The pillar of Akcja Job values is the company's "tribal" market strategy expressed in the fact that together with our clients operate in the same area of business and social values. Therefore, People first of all are our partners, whose interests are seeking about – both on behalf of a client, as well as the employees.

Our values define how we think and act, both as individuals and the whole company. We aim to make the company to be seen as socially mature organization which promotes social and environmental values.

Passion for work. To be better than others.

Flexibility: Customer needs are the determinant of our actions, the culture of customers company  becomes ours, all under and in accordance with applicable law in Poland.

Quality: Striving to understand our customers' needs is essential to ensure the highest quality services.

Confidentiality: Candidates and clients we ensure the protection of personal data, as well as the confidentiality of information we obtain executing projects.

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