temporary staffing

Temporary staffing
You save time and your money - under the Temporary Job Service Akcja Job offers comprehensive HR and administration service so you can focus on your main activity:

  • Temps payrolls are managed by Akcja Job. Temps do not show up on your headcount which means increased flexibility and reduced administration costs for you.
  • Pay as you go charges- pay for the service only when you need.
  • We keep you up-to-date: financial reports for your review.
  • Speed – candidate can attend to work on the next day from the day of order.
  • Flexibility- Temporary staffing is an ideal way to sustain productivity during variable working cycle, seasonal work, fluctuation of production or demand related to unstable economic situation on the market. It allows the company to manage their workforces through the peaks and valleys in their business. It also fulfills their sudden needs to cover illnesses, maternity and sickness. Through our temporary and contract workforce solution you can adjust your workforce to the current demands of the market, without incurring employer liabilities.
  • The quality of our candidates- we search and hire the right candidates for you, using the most stringent selection process to match people to your needs. We make sure our candidates always have the necessary skills to maintain your productivity to give you maximum of confidence.
  • Reliability - we are a reliable company with financial stability: we have bank deposit guarantees in amount of €100 000 which means that you can rely on us to pay your temporary workers always on time.

Temporary employment (fixed-term) according to the Polish Labour Code and Fixed-Term Employees Regulations Act (9th July 2003) comparison.



Worker employed by company

(fixed term)

Worker employed by the agency

(temporary work )

  1. Maximum number of temporary (fixed term) job contracts to be committed (according to Polish Labour Code)





  1. Assurance of replacement (illnesses, maternity and sickness)



Limited ability

Unlimited at any time requested by client

  1. Dismissal of the worker


Polish Labour Law applies2Legally justifiable reasons to terminate employment is necessary

No reason of dismissal needed

  1. Notice period


14 days - 3 months

3 - 7 days

  1. Holidays


max. 26 days

24 days3

  1. Sick days




Covered by Client

Covered by Akcja Job

  1. Maternity leave and temporary work contract


Employers is obliged to pay maternity leave and longer the contract till day of birth

Agency is not obliged to longer the contract, maternity pay is covered by National Insurance

  1. Material responsibility for the lost and damages


Material responsibility of an employee

Responsibility of Akcja Job

  1. HR and administration costs


Client’s cost

Covered by Akcja Job

  1. Issuing of certificate of employment duties



Akcja Job

  1. Business risk (inspection, audit)


Risk of Client

Risk of Akcja Job

  1. Third-party insurance




Temps are not always insured, Client covers the costs.

All Temps are insured. Cost covered by Akcja Job.

1The 3rd fixe term contract is found to be permanent job contract

2 Dismissal by agreement or consultation with appropriate trade union, and identifying the reason for termination.The PLC introduces many restrictions or prohibitions in relation to the termination of employment contracts (e.g. due to personal and family reasons, during holidays, maternity leave, or if employees are serving as members of a management board).Contracts can be terminated for substantial reasons (e.g. gross misconduct, criminal offences) but there must also be consultation (as above) and a statement of the reason (to be provided within one month). Employees have the right to appeal.

3 2 days of holidays for every month of work. The Employer does not have to agree for the holidays of temporary worker for the first 6 months of employment. Temporary worker will be paid holiday pay equivalent


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